Scent work - July 2022

Time: 7:30 pm
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Course Dates:

Wednesday, 20 July, 7.30pm

Wednesday, 27 July, 7.30pm

Wednesday, 3 August, 7.30pm

Wednesday, 10 August, 7.30pm

Course Description:

Scentwork is a fun way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  It also has a practical application in many everyday situations where it is used to calm, distract and even reward your dog for a job well done.

We train Scentwork using play or food, whichever motivates your dog.  In the first week, they will be introduced to scented articles and carry out simple searches.

As the course progresses you will learn about free and directed searches, including search patterns; and the searches will begin to mimic those of a working sniffer dog.

Your dog should have basic training skills and

This course is suitable for dogs who are new to Scentwork.

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We sometimes take photos/videos of dogs/clients in class to use on our website or social media platforms. If you are happy with that please answer 'yes'. If you would prefer that we didn't feature your dog please answer 'no'.