Meet The Team

Val Harvey

Val started helping people to train their dogs in 1995. She is a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), is an accredited Animal (Dog) Training Instructor with ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council), and a member of the Pet Professional Guild.
She regularly attends courses, seminars/webinars and workshops to keep her knowledge up to date. For the past fourteen years she has tutored on the APDT Dog Training Instructors course where people new to Instructing are taught important skills, and more advanced Instructors are able to ensure their knowledge is up to date. For several years she was part of the APDT assessment team, assessing the skills and knowledge of potential members. For a total of eight years she was the Chairman of APDT.
Val’s passion is sharing knowledge – with owners, fellow instructors and students. She concentrates on teaching puppies and adolescents, but has worked with dogs of all ages and a wide range of breeds over the years.

Anne Village

Anne started dog training with her Labrador in 2005 when Bracken came to live with her as a six month old puppy. She had lived with dogs all her life but Bracken was the first one that she took to organised dog training classes. This dog was to change her life. Bracken became reactive to other dogs this kick started Anne into learning all she could to help her have a happy life.
Anne started to help at the classes; learning as she went with the help of some wonderful instructors. When she rescued a Border collie puppy she knew she had to do some fun activities with them both. She started competing and instructing TD Rally, and assisting with classes at fun agility. She joined Trent Park Agility Club with her Collie - Holly - and from there started to help out with the classes. She became an instructor with Trent Park and an instructor at Puppy Pals.
Anne gained her membership of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) in 2018. She lives with two Galgos who were both incredibly nervous and scared of humans when they joined her family and she has loved watching them grow in confidence.

Lucy French

Lucy’s passion has always been animals (especially dogs and horses) and working with them. She can think of nothing more enjoyable or fulfilling, and there is no better way to spend my time.
Lucy started her career working and studying with horses at an agricultural college (Kingston Maurwood College) where her specialist area was in Horse management and care. She gained a National Certificate and Diploma in ‘Horse management’ and also passed two British Horse Society exams. She owns, and rides, a delightful horse called ‘Toffee.’ After moving to London and working in the city, she realised that that she missed working with animals and wanted to get back to the great outdoors. As she had two dogs – a collie called Blue and a Saluki called Ruby - she decided to look into working with dogs and so her career started. She has owned a dog walking and pet care business in London for several years and loves it so much she decided to expand her skills and learn about dog training.
Lucy is a Student Member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and hopes to become a full member soon. She is a rescued animal ‘addict’ and now shares her home with Willow the cat, Kia and Iron the dogs, Toffee the horse, oh and mustn’t forget the fish!

Judy Stapleton

Judy has been an instructor with Puppy Pals since 2017. Before joining Puppy Pals she helped at other dog training classes in London gaining experience of different methods used by other trainers.
Before the Covid 19 epidemic, she also volunteered at a local primary school, working with the school dog who would join the children in one-to-one reading sessions.
Judy's first puppy was a Tibetan Terrier who, because of bad advice became very fearful and started developing aggressive tendencies towards other dogs. Judy wanted to find new ways to help her dog and this brought her to complete two courses at Tilley Farm 'Cool to be Kind' and 'Your End of the Lead'. These courses so inspired her that Judy signed up for the three year Tellington TTouch training at Tilley Farm. The techniques she learnt really helped with her Tibetan Terrier and Judy went on to become a TTouch practitioner with a view to helping others. Subsequent to becoming a TTouch Practitioner, Judy also became an 'ACE' (Animal Centred Education) trainer. ACE Training involves a fun but structured way of helping dogs gain confidence and giving them a good foundation to help with further learning. 
Judy is a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).

Penny Downing

Penny has always shared her life with dogs of various breeds and in recent years, the Newfoundland. She enjoys learning new disciplines with them and her last boy Arthur, had fun training in many, including water work, carting, all forms of scent work and tracking. Her youngster, Cleo, is already following in her late brother's pawsteps.
Penny keeps up to date with current research in training and behaviour by attending many courses, seminars and workshops along with working towards accreditation as a Canis Clicker Training Instructor. Her passion is in animal husbandry with the emphasis on fear-free handling and training. 
Penny has a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training from Hull University and is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She is an accredited Animal (Dog) Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and a member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles. Penny is also a qualified Canine Massage Therapist and Canine Conditioning Coach with an accreditation in Emergency Canine First Aid, and a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (membership no. 1380). 

Claire Hoffman

Claire has always loved animals and from a young age spent much of her time with horses.
She started her career working for the RSPCA in a rehoming centre where she gained a lot of experience working with different types of animals. Claire soon realised that her passion was working with dogs. She has had many rescue dogs, cats and rabbits and is currently fostering a dog called Peaches.
Claire passed her Association of Pet Dog Trainers Instructor’s course in 1997 and joined Puppy Pals to gain more experience. Having learned a lot and enjoyed assisting in the classes she is now one of the Instructors.

Jodie Guildharry

Jodie’s love of dog training started when she got her first dog, Gizmo, in 2015 and she started looking into formal training when she got her second dog, Bear, back in 2017. Bear had severe behavioural issues which led Jodie to realise she wanted to retrain as a dog behaviourist.

Jodie is a Student Member of the APDT as is hoping to complete her assessment to become a full member next year, she is also a student member of APBC while she studies towards her qualification in Applied Behaviour (Canine).

Jodie has taken classes in Hoopers, Agility, Scentwork and Parkour and regularly attends workshops and conferences to further improve her knowledge.

Val Harvey
Penny Downing
Val Harvey (membership number 00751)
Anne Village (membership number 01434)
Penny Downing (membership number 01453)
Judy Stapleton (membership number 01511)

Lucy French 
Jodie Guildharry

A student member of the APDT will have passed both the Foundation and Part Two courses and will be working towards their assessment to become a full member