About Puppy Pals Dog Training

Puppy Pals was founded in 1998 by Chris Mancini and Chris Hack. Val Harvey joined in 2000. Chris Hack retired from Puppy Pals in 2010 and Chris Mancini moved to another area in 2016. Val now runs Puppy Pals with Anne Village.

Puppy Pals shares the ethos of ‘Kind, Fair and Effective Training’ with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. It is important to us that you are kind and fair to your dog. They are a member of the family and deserve to be treated as such. And it is also important that the training is effective. All three of these aims can be achieved. We use ‘clickers’ when training and have always taught owners to train their dogs using rewards (usually food), based on sound learning theory.

A lot of our clients have been recommended to us by owners who have previously attended one of our courses, and – because we have been operating for many years – we have many owners who come back to us when they get another dog to ‘brush up their skills’.

We limit the number of puppies or dogs who attend the course to ensure that you and your dog get plenty of help and support.

We offer classes in Crews Hill, Enfield.
Dog Training in Enfield